Website & eCommerce Design

I am available for contract / freelance hire.

My starting rate for new work or pre-existing maintenance is $40.00/hr

Website Services


For the past 4 years, I have been helping clients create unique digital prescenses for their company’s online. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have helped client’s not only stay afloat, but build long-term solutions for their products & services. With so many options for building sites online, DIY websites may seem easier than ever, but creating visually stunning & functional sites is still better off left with the pros. 

Squarespace Sites

Squarespace is one of the leading website builders in the industry, and for good reason. Squarespace allows customers to quickly build visually stunning website with mobile responsiveness built in directly.

Pros: Squarespace is easy to use & even easier to maintain if you’re not so tech savvy. With pre-built templates to start from, creating consisten aesthetics is incredibly easy & even easier to update globally if needed. Every plan also comes with built in help services & contact info in case you get boxed in a corner.

Cons: The monthly/annual cost can be quite steep for those just getting started. Unique designs are also more difficult to create, and breaking too far away from the templates is not recommended.

Wordpress Sites

WordPress is also one of the leading website builders in the industry, and a direct competitor of Squarespace! WordPress allows for almost completely custom site designs with hundreds of plugins available to really craft unique online experiences.

Pros: WordPress business plans come with hundreds of free plugins to chose from and help elevate your online business. It is also the best platform to use for custom HTML/CSS design work. 

Cons: The business plans can be expensive, and it is not easy to maintain if you are not familiar with the site layout & editing structure (but thats what I’m here for).

Mobile First & App Design

In today’s digital era, 60+ % of users are choosing mobile devices over traditional web navigation. So it is more important now than ever to have a good mobile experience built into your digital presense.

Luckily, most website builders & platforms have mobile customization built directly into their software for easy transition of content. For custom mobile-only projects or services, please contact me directly!

eCommerce & Plugins

Most sites or mobile apps these days have some kind of shopping or checkout process integrated. Have you ever wondered how you can get started with selling products or services online? How hard is it to maintain a business online? Luckily, I’ve helped over a handful of clients figure out eCommerce solutions that work for them, and will help them elevate their businesses to the next level.

Online Shopping & Inventory Management

Because having a website is so important to maintaining a business, most web platforms have some inventory management & checkout configurations available. 

My personal preferences are Squarespaces internal management software & WordPress’ WooCommerce integration (both require business level plans).

If you’re unsure about what platform to get started with, reach out & lets set up a call to go over your eCommerce needs & find the best long-term solution together!

Data Security

Hacking & Identify Theft are on the rise (especially these last couple of years), and a question I often get asked is how can my clients take steps to protect themselves? 

One major recommendation I typically make is to not try and tackle this problem alone. Larger hosting services & companies (think GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc) have a wealth of resources to offer & customer service teams on hand in case something does happen. I personally have used GoDaddy and have had nothing but exceptional customer services from them. 

Additionally, setting up a free reCaptcha email security service will go a long way to protecting your websites contact forms. 

Social Media Integrations

Scrolling is the new clicking. Social Media is a leader in customer conversions, and should be treated accordingly. Both Squarespace & WordPress offer social media integration services (some with more flexibility than others) so let me know what degree of social integration you need and we can make it happen!

Full Service Web Design Packages

Most of my clients prefer a package system, in which an entire list of agreed upon services & details will be applied for a set rate. Here are some examples:

  • Full Website Design from Scratch ( using Squarespace, WordPress, etc..) = starting @ $3000.00

  • Website redesign with pre-existing content to reference = starting @ $1500.00

  • Individual Page Updates = starting @ $400.00

Website & eCommerce Examples