After joining Patron Technology at the start of 2021, I quickly onboarded  with the Experiential Product team and began working on exciting initatives such as the Admin v3 design system, overhauling core functionalities like Automations & Activations, and investigating future opportunities for product scalability.

After some of the restrictions began to let up following the COVID 19 pandemic, I had the opportunity to travel onsite and conduct ethnographic & field research with the goal of mapping out cross product experiences and pin pointing areas of growth/opportunity for our company.


Product Teams

  • Experiential 
  • Mobile CMS
  • Event Ops
    • Research


  • Figma Design Files
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Spec Sheets
  • PDF Documents
  • Slide-deck Presentations

UX Principles

  • Field Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • ADA Compliance


I was given the opportunity to travel onsite to high-profile events, for clients such as NFL & Disney, and conduct field research, targeting end-to-end user experiences as well as specific feature releases. After returning from these events, I often put together a slide deck of consolidate notes & key takeaways, and was asked on a few occasions to present these findings to our Senior Leadership team.


The following screens are an example of a feature that was created from the ground up utilizing UX best practices, such as quick-pick filtering (based on chunking) & grouped multi-selection which you will find in most social media platforms. All sides of our product team from Product Management to Engineering collaborated to make these designs a reality. Additionally, usability testing was conducted prior to launch to ensure this feature was easy to use. When launched recently, we recieved great feedback from end-users on the ease of use of this product.

End user facing processes 

As a result of my findings during several of my onsite field studies, I’ve targeted modernizing and updating current Attendee facing activation processes to adopt the “mobile first” mentality. Because 75% of our end-users are accessing our product on Mobile devices, it would be a disservice to ourselves to not provide clean & intuitive interfaces  for them in the most widely utilized platforms. Similarly, our onsite product offerings are almost always accessed via integrated tablet devices, so there’s a direct need more more customizable & scalable interfaces to meet the needs of our variety of clients & users alike.

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